Mallorca, the popular island in the Mediterranean

On Thursday, May 13, 2010 the day the sun is shining and temperatures around 20 ° C. Drag it through a few clouds, but the fact remains that it is a beautiful day. The wind was blowing slightly from the west. At night the temperatures go down to 15 degrees Celsius.
On Friday it may rain until midday something, but then announces itself to a stable high for the next few days.

EB6BX5HTE6EK -  Besides the weather, of course there is nothing better than to give a live impression of the current weather situation on Mallorca. Therefore, we will also create a comprehensive collection of webcam Majorca, separated by place. Our first hotspot, Playa de Palma returns the total of 7 webcam pictures.
The Playa de Palma, as the name suggests the beach of Palma and is one of the capital Palma de Mallorca. This stretch of beach starts at the beach restaurant 5 and goes until the ninth Balneario Together with surrounding El Arenal and Can Pastilla to the Playa de Palma, there are 250 hotels with 50,000 beds, so an absolute holiday mecca.
These webcams we have found this beautiful spot on earth.
1. Cam on the Beach

2. Webcam Rodes Bar  Playa de Palma.

3. Cam Radio Mallorca 95.8

4. Webcam  Playa de Palma by Balneario 15.

5. The Beach.

6. Live Image from Iberostar Hotel

7. Webcam Helios Hotels

Should we have a webcam of Playa de Palma have overlooked, we would be pleased if you would notify us that the comment function.

Weather in Majorca on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 is friendly with scattered clouds. The daytime temperatures climb to 21 degrees Celsius, at night it is around 15 ° C.
The wind coming in from the south, brightens the evening something.
It is very similar in the coming days continue with the weather in Majorca, the temperatures hardly change. Only on Friday and Saturday it may rain a few drops.

On Tuesday May 11, 2010 is only partly cloudy in Majorca and it remains troche all day. the moderate wind comes from south-westerly direction at maximum 30 km / h. The temperatures at night at 15 ° C during the day and they climb to 22 degrees Celsius.
The forecast: Wednesday and Thursday are the same, on Friday there could be a few showers.

In five weeks it is then as far as the football World Cup starts in South Africa.
From June 11, 2010 to Jul 11, 2010 but also many tourists on Mallorca. And at 30 degrees in the shade and perfect weather, you have obviously not just want to sit on his hotel room alone and watching football. But do not worry, that you must not, when yogis show guys the other national teams which is a rake.

Of course, is transmitted in all the tourist places, the World Cup on canvas and then there are set up so even the many pubs, beer gardens, bars, TV. Finally, since her in the land of the reigning European champion football. You should not necessarily only with the Spaniards look together when our national teams play each other.
Here we know the big screens where you can see with thousands of other German fans together. We will constantly expand the list.

1st The Mega Park in Playa de Palma.
Here the mood in the last few years has been always very good.
2nd The beer king of the Playa de Palma
Here, too, you look with many peers.

Spectacular video of a car drive through the flooded streets of Mallorca, on May 3, 2010th There were up to 100l rain on the square.

Subway stations were closed and many businesses closed their shops and goods from the waters to protect Sandsachbarrieren. There were also restrictions on vessel traffic and the airport, as a continuation of normal operation was too dangerous for tourists and employees. Not something to landslides, power outages and road blocks. Fortunately, to our knowledge, no one injured. Here is a video with satellite and radar images of storms in Spain and Mallorca.

On the night of Saturday the 8th of May 2010 and the early morning there may be occasional short rain showers. But from the morning it stays dry, with changing cloud cover. Temperatures are rising on the day at 19 degrees Celsius, at night it is 13 ° C. The wind is weak from the southwest. The forecast: It will stay dry in the coming days and the temperatures rise above 20 degrees.